“I have been living here for 3 years now and I love it. Great location, friendly neighbors, and the staff is great! When you put in a maintenance request they get what ever you need fixed done ASAP. Wyndsor Terrace has been doing a lot to make the place even nicer and more accommodating for your needs. Great place for students and others to live!”
-Aaron C.

“I love Wyndsor Terrace because is such great place to release an apartment, it’s close to ISU and other important business like the grocery store and many gas stations. In addition to being conveniently located at, Wyndsor Terrance has beautiful apartments managed by amazing staff.”
-Melissa J.

“I’m so grateful for the Wyndsor Terrace staff and community. Moving from California to Iowa I was met with a lot of hesitation because I had no idea what the community would be like. After a few online looks I chose to contact Kim and she was so patient with all our questions. She ensured us that WT apartments was a calm, friendly and quiet community with great perks. It’s a great place to live and I’m happy with the move because WT staff and community made it easy, affordable and the community is friendly.”
-Zahaira and Angel R.

“We chose Windsor Terrace simply because of the amenities, environment is neat and peaceful. I also love it because issues are promptly responded to which to us is very important. We will definitely recommend this apartment to friends and colleagues.”
-Ayodeji and Olawuwmi O.

“Best part of living at Wyndsor Terrace apartment is a friendly property manager, who is more than willing to address any issues faced by the tenants. Moreover, all the common areas are always kept clean and monitored using CCTV cameras, which is a big relief for tenants”
-Kiran S. and Amrutha K.

“I came to Ames almost two years ago, but this is my first year at Wyndsor Terrace apartments. Having lived across the street in an apartment with loud neighbors and unpleasant management, it was a great to hear about a place with upgraded amenities, helpful management a great view! Wyndsor Terrace apartments are a great place to live if you’re looking for a quiet and friendly neighborhood with great amenities and affordable rent!”
-Swastik S.

“Why I choose to stay here at Wyndsor Terrace is simple. It’s everything that I was looking for in an apartment. I moved in about four years ago with the other management still in place. While they were decent, things that needed to get done and be updated never got around to actually being accomplished. I was afraid with the increase in price, and even looked at an apartment at a similar price just to compare. And to put it simply, it didn’t. My unit isn’t even fully updated yet, and I still love it! Just by receiving my new fridge and stove I was tickled pink and as happy as could be. Since Legacy has taken the reins on the property things are getting done and I am very pleased with where I live and how far it’s come. The simple things like adding the big glass door with a key pad, and the parcel containers and especially redoing the drives has made living here so much more pleasant and worth it. There is no other place that cares for their tenants and provides them with the amenities that Wyndsor Terrace does and let alone makes us as tenants feel like our rent money is being well spent to better the facility and our times staying here.”
-Jessica S.

“Stephanie and I chose Wyndsor Terrace last year for a few reasons. One, the location is in close proximity to ISU, with a bus stop right across the street. Two, the price is manageable with our budget. Three, the parking is by far the best we saw at any apartment complex we had visited thus far. Four, the layout of the apartment is nice, specifically the kitchen being relatively open, compared to the more cramped kitchens we saw previously. Five, there is a laundry room within the building. Six, the building itself appeared to be in good shape. And all those reasons put together made the decision quite easy for us to make. We have yet to regret it.”
-Colton B.

“We chose Wyndsor Terrace because of the location and price. We appreciate the friendly staff and additional perks of living here!”
-Michelle and Jaffett F.

“We chose Wyndsor Terrace, first and for most, because of the value. We loved the apartment that we were shown; everything about it was great! The size, the layout, the design, and the location all fit what we needed and were looking for. And when we were told what the rent was, we jumped on it almost immediately. We’re so glad we went with WT!”
-Richard B. and Allison H.

“We like how well the complex is run. From day one of looking at a unit I could tell you care about the property and us as residents. The location is great and the amenities are great too. Holly and I love it here! Thank you for everything you do!”
-Josh and Holly M.

“I said yes to the address because when I first toured the apartments they listened to what I was looking for in an apartment and really cared about making sure I was happy with the unit I was signing for. Ever since I moved in they have been amazing at making sure their tenants are taken care of. They are extremely quick to respond to any maintenance requests and do fun things for their tenants like the tenant appreciation week. I love being close to campus in an affordable and upgraded unit! Thank you for providing the best renting experience I’ve ever had!”
-Katherine J.

“We said YES to the address because of it super-close proximity to the campus with ample bus services and excellent management staff. Management continuously striving for providing better services. Updated units, enhanced keypad entry lock security, ample parking spaces, timely repairing services and not to forget also the grilling facilities. What more you can ask for? It’s a perfect home away from home.”
-Pranamesh C and Dikshant S.

“I said yes to the address because I had a great first impression of the property manager and the newly renovated unit I was showed. I felt I was getting a great value in a cozy and quiet place I could call home for years to come. After 4 months of living in the community, I am glad I said yes to the address!”
-Christy O.

“We said yes to the address because it’s close to my job, his school, and bus routes. The parking was also a great add on! We love the staff and how nice they are about repairs and everything else. They respond even if they’re not at work and are always there when you need them. The balconies are nice when you want some fresh air and the apartment is very well spaced. Thanks again!”
-Stephanie W. &n Colton B.

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